Teens come to coaching to increase self-confidence and self-compassion, to explore "who they are", "who they want to be" and "where they want to go". A coach works to support teens in developing their strengths, building confidence, tapping into their core motivation and creating specific steps toward becoming the adult they aspire to be.

I love working with teens and young adults. They are complex and beautifully simple at the same time. They are faced with many growing pains, learning curves, and new chapters of their lives are rapidly being written: school life, peers, “girl drama”, homework, bullying, puberty, identity, parental pressure and communication, self-assurance, identity, first loves, sexuality, stress, anxiety, college applications, what to major in, new found freedom, and leaving home… to name a few.

Coaching works great with teens because coaches are adults who are not their parents, teachers, or school counselors. Coaches are mentors and positive role models who teens can trust and confide in in a safe, confidential and nonjudgmental setting.

I offer encouragement while I encourage them to dream big on their own.
I take them where they are now and accompany them forward on their unique but often bumpy roads.

They sail the ship, I hold the map